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Music History Today: March 18, 2021

March 18, 1967: The Beatles' "Penny Lane" reached Number 1 on the US Hot 100. 

‘Penny Lane’ was released in February 1967 as a double a-side with ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, in what has been described as the greatest single ever released.

The Beatles
The Beatles

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The single found The Beatles at their artistic and creative peak, and ‘Penny Lane’ summed up the technicolor world that burst forth from the monochrome early 1960s, and the positive spirit that anything was possible. 

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 March 18, 1972: "I Gotcha'" by Joe Tex moved into the Number 1 slot on the R&B chart.  

You could never say Joe Tex didn't live an interesting life, if being shot at by James Brown - who said Tex was copying his moves - constitutes something "interesting".

Things weren't always quite so high profile and dangerous, none of his singles in his first decade caught the public's imagination but in the mid Sixties he started to score radio play. His biggest hit was I Gotcha, which topped the US R'n'B charts and went to number two on the main chart. 

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March 18, 1977:  The Commodores released the single "Easy."

Written by Commodores lead singer Lionel Richie, Easy is a slow ballad expressing a man's feelings as a relationship ends. Rather than being depressed about the break-up, he states that he is instead "easy like Sunday morning."
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March 18, 1985: Tears for Fears released "Everybody Wants to Rule the World."

Tears for Fears were under intense label scrutiny throughout the recording of their sophomore album. 

The Hurting, the group's debut, went to No. 1 in the U.K., and reached the Top 20 in four other countries. There was momentum to keep, and America still to be conquered.

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March 18, 2000: Destiny's Child topped the US music chart for the next three weeks with "Say My Name."

"Say My Name" hopscotches through various sonic elements, shifting from a slow, sexy bass to syncopated, synth-heavy strings and DJ scratches.

Destiny's Child
Destiny's Child
Adlibs, vocal riffs and stunning harmonies from the Texas songbirds are peppered in throughout the over four-minute song. 
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Penny Lane
The Beatles

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