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Music History Today: March 10, 2021

March 10, 1984: The Eurythmics entered the Top 10 with their second hit, "Here Comes The Rain Again." It will peak at Number 4.

Here Comes the Rain Again peaked at #4 in the Billboard 100 in 1984. 

The Eurythmics publicity photo
The Eurythmics

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Here Comes The Rain Again was recorded in an old church that was converted into a studio – except the studio wasn’t finished yet and they brought in the orchestra anyway. About 30 string players had to improvise by playing in corridors and even the toilet. The song was mixed blending the orchestra on top of electronic sounds created by a sequencer and drum machine. 

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March 10, 1962: "Hey Baby" by Bruce Channel went to Number 1 in the US.

Before it became a high school and college marching band staple, “Hey! Baby” was a fixture of John Lennon’s personal jukebox.The record’s long “Hey!” and the harmonica playing by a young Delbert McClinton inspired several early Beatles songs, including “Love Me Do." 

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March 10, 1970: Grand Funk Railroad recorded "Closer To Home."

Messrs Farner, Schacher and Brewer were at it again in the summer of 1970. On June 15, Grand Funk Railroad released Closer To Home, their third LP, as the trio prepared to hit the American album top ten for the first time.

Grand Funk Railroad
Grand Funk Railroad

Album releases came thick and fast in those days. The Michigan rock trio had, for example, only issued their sophomore set, Grand Funk, on New Year’s Day 1970. It had reached its No.11 peak only in March. That in itself was a substantial improvement on the No.27 best of their 1969 debut set On Time. But now it was time to take things up another notch, both in record sales and in the way the band were marketed. 
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March 10, 1973: Edward Bear's "Last Song" remained in the Number 3 position. It wouldn't get any higher on the charts.

Last song is the type of recording that all bands aspire to: a hit that propels them to the top of the music charts and sells over a million copies worldwide. Although the three-man Toronto band Edward Bear, formed in 1967, had previously earned recognition with their songs Masquerade, and You, Me and Mexico, their biggest hit was Last Song composed by drummer and lead singer Larry Evoy. 
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March 10, 1979: Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" hit Number 1 on the Hot 100. 

Gloria Gaynor has said she's pretty sure her signature song, the 1978 disco smash "I Will Survive," was created just for her. But the singer had to go through a lot before she and the song found each other.

Gloria Gaynor singing wearing a gold and red jacket against a black background
Gloria Gaynor

Her mother had died a couple years earlier, and Gaynor was still coping with that loss. Then her record label, Polydor, told her they were declining to renew her contract: She'd had a hit in 1975 with her cover of The Jackson 5's "Never Can Say Goodbye," but nothing huge since then, and they'd decided she was no longer a good investment. Gaynor soldiered on, but was slogging through a fog of grief and anxiety. 

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Here Comes The Rain Again

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