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Music History Today: February 24, 2021

February 24, 1975: Led Zeppelin released Physical Graffiti.

Is Led Zeppelin the world’s best rock band? That the question should even arise reflects not only this band’s status, but also the current state of the music. What’s the competition? The Rolling Stones. The Who. And?

Physical Graffiti, Led Zeppelin’s sixth album cover

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With the release of Physical Graffiti, Led Zeppelin’s sixth album, the question has actually become relevant. This two-record set, the product of almost two years’ labor, is the band’s Tommy, Beggar’s Banquet and Sgt. Pepper rolled into one: Physical Graffiti is Led Zeppelin’s bid for artistic respectability. 

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February 24, 1958: The Silhouettes' "Get A Job" hit number 1.

Get A Job is one of the most popular and enduring songs of the rock'n'roll era, still known and loved around the world more than fifty years after its release.

Poster for "Get a Job" song by the Silhouettes

The lyrics to Get A Job address the themes of unemployment and domestic relationships, with the woman of the house nagging the man to find work, implying that he is both lazy and dishonest. But the song is also light-hearted, exuberant, and very danceable, with infectious vocal hooks, handclaps, a rocking saxophone solo and a general sense of fun. 

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February 24, 1979: The Pointer Sisters enjoyed their biggest US hit when Bruce Springsteen's tune "Fire" topped out at Billboard's number 2.

The producer Richard Perry introduced The Pointer Sisters to the song "Fire," by playing Bruce Springsteen's single for them and suggested it for their next album "Energy."

Three Pointer Sisters publicity color photo
The Pointer Sisters

The song would be much bigger for The Pointer Singers than The Boss,. One critic wrote: " Springsteen has created a song that might well have been done by the Ronettes in the '60s, and the Pointers inherit and develop the legacy nicely." 
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February 24, 1987: Paul Simon's "Graceland" won the Grammy Award for Best Album.

A bootlegged cassette tape, Saturday Night Live and half of the legendary folk-rock act Simon & Garfuknel seem like the oddest of combinations.

And perhaps even stranger, they came together to lead Paul Simon to get on a plane to South Africa — a trip that laid the foundation for his 1986 album, Graceland, that would redefine his career, but not without controversy. 

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February 24, 1988: At a concert in Phoenix, Alice Cooper announced he was running for governor of Arizona, representing the "Wild Party." 

Shock-rock star Alice Cooper, who says he bought his first car years ago from impeached Arizona Gov. Evan Mecham, has half-serious plans to run for political office in his home state.

Alice Cooper

″I’m definitely a write-in candidate,″ said the Phoenix-born singer. ″Hey, I’m a native. I’m a registered voter. I represent the Wild Party and I even have a campaign slogan: ’Alice Cooper - A troubled man for troubled times.‴ 

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Trampled Under Foot
Led Zeppelin 

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