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Music History Today: February 16, 2021

February 16, 1957: Tab Hunter's "Young Love" began a six-week run at Number 1 in America.

Tab Hunter parlayed his all-American blond good looks and wholesomeness into screen stardom, becoming an idol for 1950s teenagers who adored his boy-next-door persona and physique. 
Tab Hunter head shot color photo sitting on the beach in a black shirt
Tab Hunter

He was cast in Joseph Losey's "The Lawless" (1950), despite having no previous acting experience, and earned his first starring role in 1952's "Island of Desire" opposite Linda Darnell. He also launched a recording career, and had a hit record in 1957 with the song "Young Love," which appeared at #1 on the Billboard charts for six straight weeks and sold over one million copies.  
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February 16, 1966: James Brown recorded "It's a Man's Man's Man's World."

There is a reason why the late great musician James Brown is honored as the ‘Godfather of Soul.’ That reason being songs like “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” 

James Brown full publicity photo wearing a blue suit and bent over, singing into a microphone
James Brown

The song is one of the most famous tracks on Brown’s extensive catalog over the span of 50 years of his career and a mandatory act in his concerts. The original 2 minute 52-second version of the song released on February 16, 1966, and has managed to transcend soul music through several generations into the future. The song also earned #1 on Billboard R&B chart and #8 on Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

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February 16, 1974: Diana Ross rose to Number 1 on the Adult chart with "Last Time I Saw Him."

The early 1970s were a pivotal time for Diana Ross.

Diana Ross glamour photo clutching a fur against blue background, looking over her shoulder
Diana Ross

In 1973 alone, between touring and performing for SRO crowds in Vegas, she managed to record enough material for a number of different projects. Last Time I Saw Him (1973) was just one of several Ross releases that year as she worked on the still unissued To the Baby album, which was filled with songs for her daughters. 
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February 16, 1980: "Do That to Me One More Time" by Captain & Tennille took over the Number 1 spot on the chart.

The Captain & Tennille, two touring Beach Boys keyboardists who’d met while working on a rock musical, weren’t quite married yet when they first hit #1 with 1975’s putrid “Love Will Keep Us Together.”  
Captain & Tennille color publicity photo
Captain & Tenille
From there, they had a string of hits, hosted a network variety show, and temporarily became pillars of the pop establishment. They were a big enough deal, for instance, to perform at the White House for Gerald Ford and Queen Elizabeth during the Bicentennial celebrations. But the rise of disco did them no favors. By the end of 1976, the Captain & Tennille were no longer Billboard mainstays. 
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February 16,  2004: Keane released the  single "Somewhere Only We Know."

Few songs better embody mid-aughts pop rock than Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know." 

Keane band publicity photo in front of a brick wall

The piano-led number was nostalgic, catchy, and emphatically performed by front-man Tom Chaplin and paved the way for similarly corny uber-successful bands like The Fray and One Republic. The track even managed to land big appearances on Grey's Anatomy, Cold Case, and Glee, as well as the Jennifer Aniston film He's Just Not That Into You. Kacey Musgraves covered it in 2018, too. But did you know it's about "smoking weed in a school playground"?  
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Young Love
Tab Hunter's 

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