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Music History Today: January 27, 2021

January 27, 1973: Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" hit Number 1 in America, where it stays for one week. It reached Number 11 in the UK.

“Superstition” was written by Wonder, as well as produced by him, along with Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff. 

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The track talks about there being no need to be superstitious, or to have superstitions. 
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January 27, 1962: "Peppermint Twist" by Joey Dee and the Starliters replaced Chubby Checker's hit, "The Twist," at Number 1 for the next three weeks.

The Peppermint Lounge, known as the Temple Of Twist, was the Studio 54 of its day. And its house band was a group of New Jersey kids who called themselves Joey Dee And The Starliters.

Joey Dee and the Starliters

In 1961, they starred as themselves in a teensploitation biopic called Hey, Let’s Twist! And in 1962, they managed to hit #1 with a fairly generic two-minute dance song that sold itself by mentioning the Peppermint Lounge whenever possible.

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January 27, 1968: The Temptations' new song "I Wish It Would Rain" moved from 45 to 15.

‘I Wish It Would Rain,’ written by producer Norman Whitfield with regular collaborator Barrett Strong and Motown writer Rodger Penzabene, topped the Billboard soul listing for the week of February 17, 1968.

The Temptations
The Temptations

It was in elite company, taking over from Aretha Franklin’s ‘Chain Of Fools’ in a three-week run that lasted until the Impressions’ ‘We’re A Winner’ moved ahead of it. 
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January 27, 1996: Oasis debuted at Number 21 in the US with "Wonderwall."

If you’re looking for a peak moment in the career of Oasis, those rough-and-tumble, rude-and-ready bastions of BritPop, “Wonderwall” is that moment. 

The song, featured on the band’s nearly perfect second album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory, not only enthralled the hometown fans, reaching #2 in the U.K., but it also broke the band to the American pop audience, hitting #8 on the Billboard charts. 
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January 27, 2001: "Independent Women Part I" by Destiny's Child topped the US Hot 100 for the 11th consecutive week, a record for an all-girl group.

"Independent Women Part I" is a song by American girl group Destiny's Child.

 The song first appeared on the soundtrack to the 2000 film adaptation of Charlie's Angels (2000), serving as its lead single, and was later included on the group's third studio album, Survivor (2001).  

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