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Music History Today: November 3, 2020

November 3,  1979:   British electro musician Robin Scott, aka M, went all the way to the top with "Pop Muzik."  

A mechanistic drum pounds out a steady, basic thump. Keyboards make noises — blips, pings, squirts, hums — that sound strange and spartan and alien while still somehow resolving into catchy melodies. 

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A British man deadpans absurdist non-sequiturs, sounding bored but also excited by his own boredom. There’s a video, shot in a stark white studio, full of mirrored sunglasses and skinny suits and women who wear blank expressions and move like robots. In 1979, M’s “Pop Muzik” probably came across as a curiosity, or maybe even as a novelty. But that’s not what it was. “Pop Muzik” was the future.

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November 3, 1973: Michael Jackson popularizes The Robot when he busts out some futuristic dance moves during a Jackson 5 performance of "Dancing Machine" on Soul Train.

In 1974, Michael Jackson debuted his 'robot' dance move, and the world was amazed. 

The Jackson 5

Alongside his brothers The Jackson 5, he performed 'Dancing Machine' on Soul Train and The Carol Burnett Show, and during the song's famous break, he unleashed his new move.  

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November 3, 1957: Danny and the Juniors release "At The Hop."

They began singing on Philadelphia street corners in the mid-1950s. They were just young kids at the time, attending John Bartram High School.  

Danny & the Juniors

At the time, the boys called themselves the Juvenaires, and they had come up with a couple of songs. One was a dance tune titled “Do the Bop,” written by group member Dave White. Dick Clark heard a demo, but he offered two suggestions: that the boys shorten the name of their group from the Juvenaires to the Juniors, and that they change the term “bop,” used in “Do The Bop,” to something else. 

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November 3, 1962: The Crystals' "He's A Rebel" hits Number 1 for the first of two weeks. 

The Crystals didn’t sing “He’s A Rebel.” They didn’t even know anyone was making the song. 

The Crystals

The members of the group heard the song on a car radio in New York, then heard the DJ introduce it as the new song from the Crystals. They didn’t have any idea what had happened. 

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November 3, 1979: The Eagles' sixth album, The Long Run, hits Number 1 in America, where it stays for the rest of 1979. 

After honing their harmonies and polishing their country-rock grooves for half a decade, the Eagles scored a career-defining smash with 1976's Hotel California – and then spent the better part of the next three years trying to figure out how to follow it. 

Although they entered the studio in 1977 to start working on what they initially envisioned as a double album, the results didn't arrive in stores until Sept. 24, 1979. 
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Pop Muzik

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