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Music History Today: November 15, 2020

November 15, 1980: "Lady," written by Lionel Richie, becomes Kenny Rogers' only solo Number 1 Hot 100 hit.

On the song “Lady,” Kenny Rogers teamed up with songwriter and producer Lionel Richie, still one of the leaders of the Commodores at the time. 

Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers
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Richie came from soul and funk, but he became famous for writing and singing smash easy-listening ballads like “Three Times A Lady” and “Still.” “Lady” took both Rogers and Richie out of their respective worlds, helping to transform both of them into adult-contemporary conquerors.  

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November 15, 1969: Janis Joplin is arrested at her concert in Tampa, Florida and charged with using "vulgar and indecent language."

The incident began when a policeman with a bullhorn ordered people in the audience to sit down and Joplin responded, "Don't f*ck with those people! Hey, Mister, what're you so uptight about? Did you buy a five dollar ticket?"

Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin

When police backstage instructed Joplin to tell the audience to take their seats, she replied, "I'm not telling them shit." After being arrested in her dressing room, Joplin was released on bond and all charges were eventually dropped.

November 15, 1972:  America released their album Homecoming.

America‘s second studio album, Homecoming, showcases the trio hitting their folk-rock stride with a slight nod to some diversified musical sub-genres. 

Released in late 1972, this album features group added richer instrumentation, particularly with more pronounced guitar and keyboard layers to top off the acoustic guitar-based compositions. Lyrically and thematically, the songs build on America’s penchant for yearning and wanderlust. 
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November 15, 1978: Chic is awarded their second Gold record of the year for "Le Freak," which will hit Number 1 in the US next January. 

Co-written by Nile Rodgers and his longtime collaborator, Bernard Edwards, “Le Freak” was written as a tribute to Studio 54, paying sarcastic homage to the nightclub’s notorious tendency to make customers wait in line for extended periods of time, only to be turned away on the whim of whoever was working the door that evening. 


The bit where they say, “Freak out”? Yeah, it didn’t start out saying that: Chic just ended up going in a more polite direction because their original lyrics to the refrain involved a certain F-word followed by an “off.” 

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November 15, 1991: Jacques Morali, the producer and songwriter who formed Village People, died of complications from AIDS.

Jacques Morali was a French disco and dance music record producer and songwriter, known for creating acts like The Ritchie Family and Village People. Morali's music was characterized by simple arrangements, a unique sense of camp, simplistic lyrics and simple catchy melodies that could be remembered easily. 

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Kenny Rogers

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