Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Music History Today: September 17, 2020

September 17, 1982: Pink Floyd's movie The Wall opens in theaters.

Rock star Pink Floyd is a tortured soul. Because of his childhood, he has always tried to make meaningful emotional connections to other living creatures. 

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That childhood includes not having a male role model with his father having been killed in the war, his overprotective mother smothering him, and an oppressive school system quashing his natural creativity. Being a rock star, he is often wanted more because of what he is than who he is. 
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September 17, 1923: Country musician Hank Williams is born in Mount Olive, Butler County, Alabama.

Hank Williams is a mythical legend of country music. With little contact from his father, who moved into a veteran's hospital when Williams was six, he often felt a loneliness that was displayed in his music. His musical influences were typically local gospel and blues artists. African American street performer Rufus "Teetot" Payne is credited with teaching Williams how to play a guitar.

Williams scored his first hit song with "Move It on Over" in 1947. He received his invitation to join the Grand Ole Opry two years later, after his successful recording of the minstrel era song, "Lovesick Blues." Despite never learning to read music, Williams was a prolific songwriter including country music classics such as "Hey, Good Lookin'," "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," and "Your Cheatin' Heart."    
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September 17, 1969: Tiny Tim announces his engagement to Victoria May Budinger. 

Forty million viewers would watch him tie the knot with 17-year-old Miss Vicki on The Tonight Show on December 17, 1969. The union produced a daughter named Tulip, but ended when Vicki filed for a divorce on March 6, 1972 and was granted in 1977.  
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September 17, 1974: Bob Dylan records "Shelter From the Storm" and "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go."

"You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" is a song by Bob Dylan. Recorded in September 1974, it appeared on Dylan's album Blood on the Tracks, released in January 1975. The song was one of a few Dylan attempted to record with a full band (Eric Weissberg and Deliverance) at the album's initial September 1974 sessions in New York. Multiple versions were attempted, including a slow ballad arrangement, but ultimately Dylan opted - as he did with most of the tracks from these sessions - for a near-solo acoustic arrangement backed only by Deliverance bassist Tony Brown. 
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September 17, 1978: Queen stage a bicycle race with 65 naked models at Wimbledon stadium in England to provide the video and cover art for their "Bicycle Race" single.

"Bicycle Race," the single by the British rock band Queen, was released on their 1978 album Jazz. 

The song was written by Freddie Mercury and was inspired by watching the 18th stage of the 1978 Tour de France passing Montreux, where the band were recording Jazz in the Mountain Studios. It was released as a double A-side single together with the song "Fat Bottomed Girls." The song is notable for its video featuring a bicycle race with nude women at Wimbledon Stadium, which was controversial at the time, with the video being edited or even banned in several countries. 
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