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Music History Today: July 22, 2020

July 22, 1971: Thirteen days after lead singer Jim Morrison passed away, The Doors are awarded a Gold album for "L.A. Woman."
The Doors had crammed several lifetimes into just five years as band, and by late 1970, the psychic toll of Jim Morrison’s addiction and legal hassles threatened to overwhelm the group. 
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The Doors
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The Doors
Any attempts at making an album under these conditions should have met with unmitigated disaster, but on L.A. Woman the band succeeded almost in spite of themselves. Self-produced and recorded in their private rehearsal space, the album was a homecoming in both a musical and spiritual sense.  
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July 22, 1947: Don Henley of the Eagles is born in Gilmer, Texas.
Composer, recording star and environmental activist, Don Henley, in a somewhat unheralded way, has chalked up a number of significant records for sales and performances in the music world. 
Don Henley
Like many names in the crossover areas of pop and country, Henley, hails from Texas. In fact, as a young adult, he learned that his little town of Linden, Texas, where he grew up, also spawned the wonderful blues guitarist, T-Bone Walker and the historic ragtime pianist, Scott Joplin.
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July 22, 1963: The Beatles' first US album, "Introducing The Beatles" was pressed by Vee-Jay Records, who thought they had obtained the legal rights from EMI affiliate, Trans-Global Records.
Of all the confusion that surrounded the Beatles’ early U.S. releases, perhaps nothing compares with the story of their first American album, 

Introducing … the Beatles. It was released by Vee-Jay Records on Jan. 10, 1964, 10 days before Capitol issued Meet the Beatles!  
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July 22, 1971: Stevie Wonder released the single "If You Really Love Me."
"If You Really Love Me" is a song written by Stevie Wonder and Syreeta Wright. 
Stevie Wonder & Syreeta Wright
It was one of the last to feature Motown's background band The Funk Brothers. After its release, Wonder left the Hitsville USA studios to record in New York City, playing most of the instruments himself.  
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July 22, 1978:  Cheap Trick debuted on the chart with their first hit "Surrender." 
The concept of wild, reckless teenagers rebelling against their dull, joyless parents has served as the impetus for many a great rock and roll song since the inception of the genre. 
Cheap Trick
Cheap Trick’s enduring 1978 classic “Surrender” enthralls the young and the young at heart alike by subverting that suspicion. It dares to portray the parents as being just as freaky as the kids. From that commonality, a begrudging understanding arises.  
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L.A. Woman
The Doors

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