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Music History Today: July 15, 2020

July 15, 1972: Elton John lands his first Number 1 album in America, Honky Chateau, thanks to the hit "Rocket Man."
Inspiration is impossible to predict. 
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“With ‘Rocket Man,’ the first two lines came to me when I was driving along, and by the time I’d gotten home, I’d written the song in my head,” Taupin told Rolling Stone in 1973. “I got inside and had to rush and write it all down before I’d forgotten it.”
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July 15, 1946: Linda Ronstadt is born in Tucson, Arizona. She breaks into her music career as lead singer of the folk-trio the Stone Poneys.
Kenny Edwards played lead guitar, and sang. Bobby Kimmel played rhythm, and he sang too. 
Linda Ronstadt
Linda Ronstadt 1969
The crowning glory was the unique voice of Linda Ronstadt. Such was the combination of three friends who coalesced in Los Angeles in 1965 as the Stone Poneys. 
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July 15, 1958: John Lennon's mother, Julia, is killed when she's hit by a car driven by an off-duty police officer. 
Few events in John Lennon's brief life were as traumatic and painful than the death of his mother, Julia, when he was 17. 
John and his mother, Julia, Lennon
John and his mother, Julia, Lennon
Although Julia had abandoned John to be brought up by her sister, Mimi, the event proved important in cementing his close working partnership with Paul McCartney, whose mother had died from an embolism when he was 14. 
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July 15, 1974: Cat Stevens released "Another Saturday Night."
It wasn’t just Sam Cooke’s emotive voice and unique singing style that made him such a powerful force in popular music. It was also the fact that he sang about everyday issues that his fans could identify with. 
Cat Stevens
Cat Stevens
When he told us about being alone on yet ‘Another Saturday Night,’ everybody listened, including a soon-to-be 15-year-old Londoner we would later come to know as Cat Stevens.  
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July 15, 1978: The Rolling Stones' Some Girls album hits Number 1 in America.
Released on June 9, 1978, Some Girls found the Rolling Stones reinvigorating their sound by drawing on popular trends of the day without losing its own identity in the process. 
Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, and Mick Jagger of the
Rolling Stones on stage in New York City, 1978.
While the record incorporated elements familiar to longtime Stones fans, and offered a nod to the past with a cover of the Temptations' 1971 hit "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)," it infused the group's staid sonic aesthetic with disco rhythms and a dash of jagged punk aggression.  
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Rocket Man
Elton John

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