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Music History Today: May 4, 2020

May 4, 1990: David Bowie's ex-wife Angela went on The Joan Rivers Show and said she once walked in on Bowie and Mick Jagger naked in bed.
On The Joan Rivers Show on 4 May 1990, when Angela Bowie took advantage of the recent expiration of a ten-year gag order to spill some dirt on her famous ex-husband. In a nutshell, what happened was Rivers promised her audience that her guest was “ready to dish about her ex.” 
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May 4, 1970: After four students at Kent University were killed and eleven wounded by National Guard troops, Neil Young composed the song "Ohio." 

Neil Young
Four Kent State University students were killed and nine were injured on May 4, 1970, when members of the Ohio National Guard opened fire on a crowd gathered to protest the Vietnam War. The tragedy was a watershed moment for a nation divided by the conflict in Southeast Asia. In its immediate aftermath, a student-led strike forced the temporary closure of colleges and universities across the country.   
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May 4, 1974: Grand Funk's cover of "The Loco-Motion" hit Number 1 in America. 
Grand Funk  Railroad weren’t the best of the early-’70s hard-rock titans, but they were probably the most shameless. The Michigan band were already tremendously popular arena-wreckers by the time they hit number 1 with “We’re An American Band,” a song that’s all about how awesome it is to be tremendously popular arena-wreckers. 
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May 4, 1996: Alanis Morissette started a six-week run at Number 1 on the UK album chart with Jagged Little Pill. 

Jagged Little Pil
Alanis Nadine Morissette is a seven time Grammy Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter and occasional actress. She is the best-selling female rock artist of all time.  Her international debut album Jagged Little Pill (1995) became one of the most successful albums of all time with total worldwide sales estimated at thirty million copies.  
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Dancing In The Street 
David Bowie & Mick Jagger

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