Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Morgan James Sings: Sledgehammer

"Sledgehammer" has been described as dance-rock, blue-eyed soul, and funk. The song was influenced by 1960s soul music, in particular that made by Memphis label Stax. 
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Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
"I was playing at that time with the idea of doing an album full of soul songs – mainly other people's, but maybe a couple of my own. As a teenager, soul music was one of the things that made me want to be a musician. ...Wayne Jackson, who plays on that track, was also with Otis Redding and was touring with him when I saw them in London. So that was a thrill for me"  Peter Gabriel, July 1986   
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Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

YouTube comments:
  • 'Have you seen Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer? It must've taken so long!'
  • This song has one of the most underrated bass lines. Tony Levin knows how to rock the bass!
  • Fun Fact: There are no stop-motion or special effects in this video. Peter Gabriel is just like that.

Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer 


Morgan James: Sledgehammer  (Peter Gabriel cover)

YouTube comments:
  • Her background singers are amazing.
  • Found you through the Post Modern Jukebox. Great voice.
  • This is the definition of vocal interpretation. Morgan is brilliant. 
  • I'd listen to Ms. James sing the phone book, but it would probably catch fire.
  • I also found you through Post Modern Jukebox. You're the best singer I've ever heard!

Morgan James: Sledgehammer
(Peter Gabriel cover) 

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