Saturday, November 30, 2019

Olivia Kuper Harris Sings: Life On Mars

"Life on Mars?", also known as "(Is There) Life on Mars?", is a song by David Bowie, first released in 1971 on his album Hunky Dory and also released as a single. The song has cryptic lyrics by Bowie and prominent piano by Rick Wakeman. A music video was filmed by Mick Rock to promote the single release. 
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Life On Mars feat. Olivia Kuper Harris

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Life On Mars?

YouTube comments:
  • Bowie must be proud of this version.
  • I would love to see Bowie’s reaction to this.
  • Did she just make trumpet sound with her voice???
  • This is so smooth and dreamy, like drifting into a parallel universe.
  • This is literally the most beautiful thing I've heard in my entire life!
Life On Mars - David Bowie 
(Smoky Jazz Ballad Cover)
ft. Olivia Kuper Harris

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