Monday, August 10, 2020

Jethro Tull: Take Five

1. Jethro Tull  named themselves after an 18th century English agriculturalist who invented a seed drill which planted seeds in rows. Before that, they were known as "The Blades."
Invention of the seed drill
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2. Ian Anderson has said: " "I decided to quit the guitar when I heard Eric Clapton in '66, early '67. 
The flute was a whimsical moment of self-indulgence. I wanted to find something to play that wasn't a part of the rock scene at the time."
Ian Anderson

3. In 1969, readers of the British magazine Melody Maker voted Jethro Tull the third best band; behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Several times in the 1970s,
Led Zeppelin, ELP and Jethro Tull were voted the best instrumental bands in Playboy magazine's annual reader's music poll. 
Melody Maker - September 1969 reader's poll
4. Along with David Bowie and Alice Cooper, Tull popularized "Theatrical Rock" during the 1970s. 
They opened for Led Zeppelin on Zeppelin's first American tour. They also once opened for Pink Floyd.  
Ian Anderson

5. They upset Metallica by winning the first ever Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance in 1989 for 
Crest Of A Knave.
When Metallica won in 1990, one of them sarcastically said: "We would like to thank Jethro Tull for not being nominated this year."

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